Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?

At some point in our lives, most of us have cycled through the different levels of body acceptance. There are many factors that influence the way we feel about our body, including our upbringing and media influence. Body image impacts our life by affecting how we feel about our self, how we project our self, and how we take responsibility for our personal best.

Is your body image getting in the way of enjoying a healthy, happy and fulfilling life? Take this quiz to find out where your body image stands now--and how you can improve it.

I believe that others would like me more if I looked better.YES NO

It is difficult for me to look at my body, naked, in a full length mirror.YES NO

When I look in the mirror I avoid looking at myself, because I believe I look terrible.YES NO

My definition of a healthy weight is a specific number, which happens to correspond with fitting into the latest supermodel-size clothes.YES NO

Most of my inner dialogue with my body is critical or judgmental.YES NO

When I flip through beauty magazines I feel bad because I just don’t measure up.YES NO

I don’t exercise for health reasons; I exercise to change my physical appearance.YES NO

I spend a good deal of my emotional energy in the pursuit of an unrealistic perfect body.YES NO

When I’m invited to go swimming I immediately decline—disheartened to let anyone see me in a bathing suit.YES NO

I refrain from wearing the clothes I like if they don't make me look as thin as possible.YES NO

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