How's Your Memory?

Memory is the process of retaining and retrieving information that is stored in the mind. There is no question that hypnosis is an excellent tool to enhance memories by improving the methods by which we create and retrieve them. This is partly based on the operator, and partly on the client’s responsiveness to hypnosis.

It happens to all of us at one time or another - we become preoccupied and experience a temporary memory lapse. In taking the quiz below, remember the operative word is ‘frequently’.

Do you frequently meet 3 or more people at one introduction, a party or business meeting, and later not remembered their names? YES NO

Do you frequently go from one room to another and then realize that you do not know what you were going to get in that other room? YES NO

Do you frequently misplace everyday items and can't remember where you put them? YES NO

Do you frequently forget items you intended to purchase while shopping? YES NO

Do you have to look up phone numbers you use at least once a month? YES NO

Do you have to write down things you need to do in order to remember them?YES NO

Do you have a conversation with someone and afterwards not remember what was said? YES NO

Do you have to refer to your calendar more than once a day to check the date? YES NO

Do you forget the birthdays and anniversaries of close friends and relatives? YES NO

Do you fail to remember facts, figures and names? YES NO

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