How Do You Rate Your Self Esteem?

Your self esteem is a direct reflection of what you think and how you feel about yourself. Use this self esteem assessment as a guide, keeping in mind that once you become consciously aware of your level of self esteem you can begin to make better choices that will in turn, create a healthier self image.

This information will help you gauge your (strong / weak) areas of self esteem. With this information you can then choose the best exercises for raising self esteem, building confidence and increasing self worth. 

I have difficulty expressing my feelings in my personal life: YES NO

I have a tendency to admonish myself for being stupid when I am criticized by others: YES NO

I believe my life would be better if I were more attractive: YES NO

I am the first to see shortcomings in myself: YES NO

I gauge how I feel about myself by what others think of me: YES NO

I am afraid to admit that I don't know or understand something: YES NO

When I order a meal and it arrives not matching my order, I remain silent and eat it anyway: YES NO

I am envious of others ability to succeed: YES NO

I have trouble accepting compliments when given: YES NO

No matter what I do, I am still critical of my efforts: YES NO

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