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Details About 3rd Association Script Writing eBook

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This eBook is a compilation of script entries from the 3rd original Script-Writing Contest sponsored by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association®. An assemblage of 53 scripts from 28 contributors on 3 continents in 5 countries; including 3 Canadian provinces and 11 US states; it collectively represents the creative work of certified hypnosis practitioners globally.

Topics include: Eagle Metaphor for Opening Focus – Fear Trance – Transforming the Past/Heart-Opening Clearing Trance – Rainbow Bridge Trance for Loss of a Pet – Receiving Your Special Gifts: Generative Trance for Ego-Strengthening – Kaleidoscoping Blanket of Heart Energy – Pain Without Suffering – Transforming with a Grateful Heart – What If – Dissolving the Inner Critic – Waterfall for Light to Heal the Mind and Body – A Beginners Guide to Welcoming in Lucid Dreaming – Memory Improvement – Choose to be Happy – Bladder Control Balloon – Breathing with Your Eyes – Hoberman Sphere: Focusing the Breath – Hoberman Sphere: Thought/Issue Tamer – Let Shit Go! – At the Ball – Dealing with a Finicky Eater – The Ogre and the Wizard – You Are Enough – Sleep Tight – Freedom from Addiction – Elevator Script – Flying High – Stress Management – Superhero – Finding Your Inner Magic – Feeding Our Lost Loved Ones – Transformation for Successful Life as a Businesswoman – A Journey through the Crystals – Reconnecting in the Pacific Northwest – I Am Who and What I Choose To Be – Stop Smoking – Access Your Inner Genius – Attitude of Gratitude – Control Eating at a Buffet – The Door – May the Force Be With You – Archipelago: Returning Home – Heal Your Body with Comfort – Mind Waves – Dear Anxiety – Post Birth – Pregnancy – How to Turn an Outline into a Script – Inner Vision Revision – The Kangaroo and the Waterhole – Sobriety Support – Stress Release – Soul Retrieval.

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