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Details About Great Escapes - Vol ll

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Recently, as I was working with a 12 year old girl who was having a lot of trouble in school and didn't feel very good about herself, I found myself creating a process (and script) off the top of my head, to help her read faster and remember more of what she reads. It took only that that one session to break through the reading problem. Another session with her helped her conquer her problem with writing, and another with her shyness in meeting other children. In each case, the problem was conquered with one session. The request for copies of these sessions was overwhelming. Because of it, I decided to be more intentional about turning on my tape recorder whenever I had these "flights of fancy." Not long after, I was asked to be keynote speaker for a convention, the theme of which was "Hypnosis and Children." The combination of individual script requests and the convention deadline led to a script pull-together, which became Volume I of GREAT ESCAPES. As I was nearing completion of that volume, it struck me that most of those at the convention would be interested in scripts for adults and youth, as well. For several years, upon request, I had been sending my scripts to various counselors who were encountering specific problems with clients. The combination of increasing requests and the convention birthed Volume II of GREAT ESCAPES TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: What Others Say Table of Contents Acknowledgments Using this Book of Scripts Inductions into the Hypnotic State: First Time Induction A Second Induction A Brief Induction The Meadow Induction Alternate Setting: The Tropical Beach Alternate Setting: The Seashore Alternate Setting: On a Boat in the San Juan's Alternate Setting: In a Cabin by the River Relaxing in Nature: An Indirect Induction (Especially helpful for anxious or phobic clients) Eye Fixation Induction Learning to Relax through Self-hypnosis (For the client who finds it difficult to let go of control) The Hot-Air Balloon Clearing the Brush - Scripts for Releasing the Past in Order to Move On: A Problem & Solution-Finding Process The Cleansing Waterfall The Ship-burning Dropping Sandbags Other Methods of Dumping the Past Fears: Anxiety & Panic Attacks (or Fears & Phobias) New Beginnings: The Courage to Face Changes Health and Healing: Releasing Healing Energy The Healing Light Performance: General Improvement for Athletes Improve Athletic Abilities Firearms Precision Weight-Lifting Enhancement Better Musical Performance (or other Stage Presentation) Self Esteem, Confidence and Success: Changing Labels; Building Self-Esteem by Creating a New Self-Story Empowerment at the Center Freedom to be the Great You Self-Acceptance and Successfulness Dealing with Shyness and Lack of Confidence Breaking Habits: Stop Smoking without Gaining Weight (Designed to be used, also, with tobacco chewing) Weight Management: General Improvement for Weight Control Shedding Layers: A Fable for Releasing Protective Armor Affirmations: Suggestions for Abundance and Prosperity Suggestions for Confidence and Success Suggestions for Health and Healing Suggestions for Peace, Harmony and Balance Emergence: Emerging a Client from an Altered State Choosing to Emerge Now or After Sleep Moving from the Hypnotic State into the Sleeping State Additional Helps: The Water Signal A Few Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Introducing the Client to Ideomotor Signals Clarifying the Real Issues: A Questionnaire Appendix Letter to a Friend: Dispelling the Concerns or Fears about Hypnosis, By Del Hunter Morrill Fear of Transformation (A reading designed to help people through life transitions) A Story of an Affirmed Life: A Metaphor for Self-esteem and Encouragement Bibliography About the Author

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