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Details About Great Escapes - Vol IV

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TABLE OF CONTENTS AFFIRMATIONS Peacefulness Facing Changes My New Body The Child Smoker Who Wants to Quit INDUCTIONS Blowing Up Balloons (Induction for the Younger Child) The Meadow Pendulum Transition into Induction Inductions for the Very Young Child The Rainforest Pool (An induction and prescription for self-confidence and other issues) LOCATING THE SOURCE Helping Child Articulate What's Wrong (Handling divorce and other family problems) Locating and Solving the Problem (Imprint-changing in older children) Locating and Solving the Problem (For the Younger Child) Uncovering Root Cause for Problem (Using Ideomotor Questioning) "DUMPING," RELEASING and HANDLING PROBLEMS Breaking Chains The Cave and the Magic Trunk (Helping children handle their problems) Dropping suitcases Cutting Ribbons The Worry Tree Additional "Dumping" or Releasing Techniques: Popping balloons; Throwing Logs into the Fire; Throwing Stones into the Sea; The Problem Box; Blowing Bubbles The Magician's Magic Cloak (Learning to handle problems) The Ogre and the Wizard (Getting rid of fears and burdens) HABIT CHANGING Bedwetting (Enuresis) - Answering a Therapist's Question Stopping Bedwetting, #1 Stopping Bedwetting, Follow-up to #1 (Dry Child, Dry Bed) Stop the Bedwetting Habit #2 (Dry Child, Dry Bed) Stop the Bedwetting Habit Follow-up to #2 Dealing with Finicky Eaters #1 (And the fear of trying new things) Becoming More of a Risk-taker #2 (Follow-up for Finicky Eater) Stop Smoking HEALTH & HEALING Alice-in-Wonderland (Viewing the Pain to Change It) Allergies in Children Diabetes Mellitus The Healing Pool (Especially for headaches) The Waterfall The Healing River (For achy body parts) On the river in a Canoe (Metaphor for migraines) LEARNING IMPROVEMENT Becoming a Confident Student who Enjoys Learning Dyslexia and Improving in School The Guardian and the Learning Cloak (Especially for completing homework on time) Improving One's Learning Ability (Follow-up #1) Improving One's Learning Ability (Follow-up #2) The Magic Library (Getting homework and projects done) PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ADJUSTMENT Doing Things with Others (Being willing to participate in groups) The Lost Puppy (A story for healing a loss) Removing the Mask (Dealing with fear) Nightmares Saving the Animals (confidence, creativity, teamwork and self-control) SELF-ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE The Birthday Party (Building self-confidence) Gifts from the Sea (Self-Esteem and confidence) The Land Where Wishes Come True (Becoming the Best You Can Be) The Challenge of a Trip to Outer Space (For confidence and courage) STRESS Juggling Balls (For the child who feels overwhelmed) Managing Stress and Anger WEIGHT CONTROL Intake for Weight Control 20 Ways to Feel Better without Overeating At the Ball (A visual Picture for weight control) General Improvement Eating the Healthy Way Exercise for the Young Water and Motivation Staying with a Weight Management Plan Script Insertions for Weight Control OTHER HELPS Anchoring Relaxation Scene Introducing Hypnosis to a Group of Children Pin the Tail on the Donkey (Building Trust) Imagination Tools for Use by the Family or Therapist APPENDIX Children and Hypnosis (article) Working with the Young Child Case Studies and Questions about Children Problems of Children that Hypnotic Methods Can Resolve Bibliography of Books, Scripts and Stories Other Resources for Working with Children

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