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Details About Unlimited Possibilities

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Did you ever think of someone and they just appeared? Were you ever entertaining the thought of calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and all of the sudden they call you? Are we causing these things to happen or is it just a coincidence? Because it happens time and time again it is more than just a coincidence, it’s the mental power we all have inside. Listen to Unlimited Possibilities. With this CD you will not only understand how it is that you manifest your thoughts, but how to control this process of manifestation. This CD will help you to: · Understand the power behind your imagination · Properly direct your imagination · Guide you in a step-by-step manifestation process that will help you do, change or acquire those things you desire in your life · Motivate you to trust in your inner power · Develop a greater self-trust Use this CD as a short meditation or as you sleep. Use the first track of this CD as a short manifestation program any time of the day. The second track is designed to guide you through this process at nighttime before you fall asleep to get the mind more focused and relaxed. As you sleep suggestions continue making this program a lot more powerful because it introduces positive suggestion at a time where your mind is more passive. Unleash your power….let your possibilities be unlimited. -Maya

Price $15.00