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Details About How To Become A Financial Success In Hypnosis

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How To Become A Financial Success In Hypnosis Dr. A.M. Krasner of Burbank, CA is recognized internationally as one of the leading pioneers in the filed of hypnotherapy. A highly educated man with a doctorate in psychology, Dr Kranser has delved deeply into the history of hypnosis and studied the various reactions people encountered. Motivated by a strong desire to share his knowledge. Dr Kranser founded the American Institute of Hypnotherapy and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. During the ensuing years he has offered his valuable insight to hundreds of professionals. Those of whom now have lucrative businesses and daily provide help to people fighting addiction, seek self improvement, and wish to find new status and happiness in their lives. Media writers have coined him as the ‘Wizard of Oz’ because he brings out the best in each individual. Subsequently, Dr Krasner created a best seller for both people in the field and the general public. The Wizard Within is also used as a text book for training programs. It is one of the best selling non-fiction books with a high consistent sales record. The book was translated and reprinted in Japan and other countries where Dr. Krasner has given scores of Seminars. In addition, he has written and had published hundreds of articles in industry and consumer publications. He has produced over 50 different audio cassettes used to reinforce the therapy provided by office sessions. Today Dr. Krasner is semi retired. He treats a limited number of patients, conducts seminars and is often sought to give lectures to industry and consumer organizations. -A.M. Krasner [Lecture CD 2008]

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