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Details About Understanding Neurotechnology: Light, Color

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Neurotechnology instrumentation is based on research concerning the brain and how it reacts to stimuli. The brain is divided into two equal parts. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and the right hemisphere the left side. Among the 10 billion brain cells this 3-pound master organ controls are very being and actions. The upper brain sends messages to the lower brain, better known as the subconscious. In other words, what we think is what we are and what we embrace is what we become. Both sides of the brain work together to accomplish motor learning, academic learning and life skills. Much is written as to the positive results of light, sound and color on the brain itself. The brain reacts to the vibrations and the frequencies emitted by these stimuli the brain has electrical changes known as Hz or cycles per second. The frequencies help determine how we react think and function with control. Researchers at the national Institute for Health have suggested that when we feel helplessness and out of control, our brains react and cause our bodies to send chemical messages that slow down the movement of blood cells leaving our bodies 'in harms way'. Cortisol is then excreted and stress is accomplished. Using light and sound or color to combat negative attitudes, stress and many interfering actions will be a very positive addition to your practice. Certain rules apply but learning comes quickly. Using these stimuli can bring about very exciting results in a very short time. -R. Ditson-Sommer [Lecture CD 2008]

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