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Details About The Waiting Sun

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This new CD The Waiting Sun provides a new and different approach for using music as part of therapy. It is not a hypnotherapy script, or a meditation, or a new age soother. It is a creative and enjoyable way to help you and your clients focus on the future and stay on a positive pathway throughout life’s journey. Listening to these songs provides a way to reinforce positive messages or it can be listened to just for the beauty and the fun of the message and the feelings of joy these songs impart. This album features songs from the Great American Songbook, songs written by such great songwriters as Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer, and Alan Jay Lerner. Voice, piano, bass, clarinet, sax, guitar, and drums create a sound reminiscent of the 1930s but make such songs as Blue Skies, Singing in the Rain, On a Clear Day, and Dream come alive for today. These songs teach that the power of choice lies within. No matter how difficult a problem or a storm you can choose to let that storm sweep you away or you can choose to create a clear sky. This is the message we all need to embrace and this music lead you there. This album is created by Mary Vallei, CCHt who has an active hpynotherapy practice in MI, CO and WA states

CD $17.99