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It gives you 11 more first class inductions and another 11 incredible deepeners, every one of them skillfully crafted to help your clients achieve the deepest state they can. Any induction will glide seamlessly into any deepener and any combination will provide approximately 14-15 minutes of trance creation (assuming a reading speed of around 130 wpm). Contents: Inductions Travelling Breath: As the title suggests, this one concentrates on breath and breathing. It also contains a confusional element to entrain the thought processes of the intellectually and analytically orientated type of individual to produce a deeply focussed state quickly. Thought Weaver: This one seeks to guide the thought processes to work in the way that we want them, rather than in the random or ‘absent’ fashion that many clients tend to do. Good for general use and to precede any deepener, it is also ideal as a preparation for analytical therapy. Core Aura: Perfect for the spiritually-minded individual, this one creates a journey that travels beneath the 'outer layers' of self to the deeper parts of the psyche. It encompasses the notion that the inner self is flawless and understands the way that people are and the way that auras interact. Enchanted Pathway: This is a rather ‘whimsical’ piece that can produce deep states within the creative and imaginative individual and has an advantage in that it will seem different to the client every time it is used. It subtly stimulates imagination and creative thought processes. Stream Drifter: Relaxing in the the 'Stream Drifter' boat, you allow the gentle flow of the stream to carry you along and after a little while you lie back against the cushions and gaze at the leaves and branches of the trees as you float beneath them... a journey to the depths of your mind... Hypnograins: This script appeals strongly to the logical and analytical thinker, even though it is obvious that it has no basis in fact or science. It entrains and occupies the intellect with the idea that we can easily create our own unique style of total hypnosis to achieve our goals and wishes. Trance Candle: Deceptively effective, this one can produce deep states of trance for most personality types, since it does not require any particular skills of visualisation or imagination. Compounding techniques, sensory enhancement and repetition are all used to good effect. The Focus Factory This one is excellent for use with the type of personality who might be somewhat resistant to inductions, especially if they ‘feel themselves going under’. The use of logical thought processes accompanying fascination techniques can be of great use when working with this type of individual. Fraction Action: Designed specifically for the extremely logical and analytical mind, this one will keep even the most determinedly mathematical of individuals busy enough to forget all about resistance or seeking to remain in control. Be sure you understand it before you use it though! Levitation Meditation: Capitalising on fascination with the phenomenon of levitation and whether or not it's possible, this one fires up the imagination to the point where the client might actually begin to believe they can levitate if they only concentrate hard enough! Jumble Cell: Another one to the keep the logical and analytical mind busy while they slip into hypnosis almost without knowing it. There is an apparently confusional element to it but if analysed it is logically correct – essential if credibility is to be maintained. Produces an intensely focussed state. Deepeners The Castle and the King: The 'fairy tale' quality to this one eases the client beneath the Conscious Critical Faculty as we take them on a journey through the labyrinths of their mind to meet the King of the Castle - themselves. This script quickly achieves a state of heightened suggestibility. The Clock Maker: Perfect as a prelude to analytical or regression styles of therapy, this can also be good to use when you need to help a client to trace lost items. It encourages the idea that we can be anywhere we choose in our minds, just by focussing on a time or an event or place. Golden Apples of the Sun: Spiritual or esoterically minded individuals tend to respond well to the special qualities of this one. It first grabs the conscious mind then quickly moves into a dream-like scenario that can greatly enhance depth of trance and stimulate imaginative processes. The Magic Book: Suitable for all personality types, this one deepens in stages and has the advantage of easily being extended if you have a client that will benefit from a lengthier process. The pages in the book create an ever-deepening trance state and suggestions can easily be delivered in the same format. Island of Dreams: Irresistably and magnetically inmaginative, this script helps to encourage the client even further below the Conscious Critical Faculty as a result of the automatic suspension of credulity. The ‘realisation’ at the end is an excellent preparation for suggestion work. Glider Rider: While this is an excellent deepener for any style of working, it makes a particularly good prelude to any 'past life' work. The highly imaginative 'atmosphere' entrains conscious thought from the very beginning and in so doing assists greatly in bypassing any unintentional resistance. Memory Stations: As the title might suggest, this is designed for Regression therapy and Free Association in particular. It is not recommended for other forms of work, since it tends to encourage the client towards the troublesome subconscious processes of thought that are at the root of their symptoms. Online is Fine: This is essentially a relaxation deepener which could double as an induction quite easily for many clients, especially if they are ‘technology aware’. It works well for the science-orientated client, though can achieve good results for any personality type. App For It: Perfect for the 'iPhone generation', this encourages the idea that we have an 'app' in the subconscious for anything we wish to achieve. It will work well for all personality types and is particularly good as a prelude to any form of performance enhancement therapy. Dragonesque: There is a strong fantasy element here which will work extremely well for the client with an active imagination. Via a ride on the back of a dragon, we take the client on a symbolic journey to the depths of their own subconscious, creating the perfect setting for the acceptance of suggestion. Neurone: This works especially well with the logical and analytical, perhaps ‘hypno-resistant’ type of personality. The somewhat philosophical concept at the beginning quickly guides the psyche beneath the Conscious Critical Faculty and in so doing encourages the acceptance of suggestion. Every script is brand new and was written especially for this publication. You can never have too many inductions and deepeners. - Terence Watts

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