The Galaxy of the Stars ~ LIVE online!

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IACT / IMDHA Proudly Presents
- The Virtual Hypno-event of the Year!

The Galaxy of the Stars ~ LIVE online!

Educational Symposium
A 2-day LIVE online symposium that you can attend in your slippers! The symposium highlights the hypnosis practitioners most requested topics: Smoking Cessation, Weight, Chronic Pain and Stress. Each quadrant is taught by seasoned educators who, collectively represent decades of experience in the profession! You’ll want to register early to reserve your place. ‘Virtually’ everyone will be there!

14 hours of essential hypnosis education for one low price!

2 Full Days!!! $129

Early Bird Discount $99 (before December 31st)


February 2nd & 3rd, 2019

The stars shine brightly even in the daytime during the Galaxy of the Stars – Star Studded - Weekend!

Shawn Carson – Shawn is the co-founder and director of The Intelligent Hypnotist. Shawn began to teach NLP and Hypnosis in 2006 and opened the doors to the training and coaching business (IPH) in 2007. He is an HNLP Trainer, with a training center in New York City and sees private clients for transformational change. He is a published award winning author and co-author of I Quit: Stop Smoking Easily Through the Power of Hypnosis and Quit: The Hypnotist’s Handbook to Running Effective Stop Smoking Sessions.

Kelley Woods - Kelley is a certified hypnotherapist from Anacortes, Washington. An international hypnosis instructor and author of several hypnosis trade books, including Weight Loss with Hypnosis, The Ultimate Practitioner’s Guide, she is an instructor with the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute and a Board Member of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. Kelley is a co-founder of HOPE Coaching, utilizing Mindful Hypnosis to help clients who suffer chronic issues. She is the co-recipient of the 2017 International Medical and Dental Association’s Pen and Quill Award for Excellence in Literature. She is also the founder of Hypnotic Women, an online private group for women who work professionally with hypnosis. In private practice since 2002, Kelley has honed a creative, fun and practical approach in her work and her teaching.

Lois Prinz - Lois, a 32-year practitioner of Hypnotherapy, instructor and mentor to Hypnotism students, is the author of United States of Addiction, and co-author of The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing workbook with Dr. Emmett Miller. Lois has produced 25 Hypnotic CDs; specializes solely in Hypnotic Comfort Relief and continues to train and lecture throughout the US.

Michael Watson – Michael (aka “The Virtual Hypnotist”) has been practicing hypnosis for four decades. A frequent speaker at conferences and workshops around the world, Michael is a certified trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. A developer of Evolutionary Hypnosis, he is a Diplomate of IMDHA and IACT Educator of the Year. His light-hearted and caring style makes his programs as delightful as they are helpful to practitioners. A pioneer in modern training technologies and co-host (with Karen Hand) of The Virtual Chapter he maintains a private practice and mentorship online and locally in Orlando, Florida.


Saturday 10-1:30 AM ET

Smoking Cessation is a cornerstone to any successful hypnosis practice. As soon as people hear you are a hypnotist one of the first things they will associate with you is smoking cessation. Smoking Cessation brings in new business and creates a strong referral network. It is essential to have an approach that you are confident works.

In this training you will discover:

  • How to screen prospective clients to ensure they are the ideal candidate for your services.
  • How to shape the consultation so that if they are a good fit they are also ready to say yes to working with you
  • The necessary preframes that will create the ideal attitudes and beliefs in your client for their success
  • How to help clients take control of their cravings
  • The P3 Technique which overwrites the old emotional connection to cigarettes
  • The Smoking Destroyer Technique, a powerful strategy that helps clients let go of the identity of being a smoker
  • How to highjack the physical behavior of smoking and use it to drive the change even deeper into the client's neurology.
  • How to manage secondary gain How to close the session so that the client is convincing you that they are a nonsmoker
  • What to do if "it" doesn't work.
  • And much more!

Saturday 2-5:30 PM ET

Among the hypnotist’s top requests for help is the need to change eating behaviors and lose weight. In the USA and UK, obesity is epidemic and people are looking for long-term, sustainable results. While hypnosis isn’t the “magic pill” for such issues, it can certainly make achieving health goals easier.

Despite the demand for help with weight issues, many hypnosis certification courses give little or no training in this area. Helping your clients lose weight isn’t a one-time fix and can involve dealing with influence from many angles, including excess stress, chronic pain, anxiety, entrenched habits, emotional eating, etc.

During this presentation, Kelley will share proven approaches you can immediately apply in your own practice to empower clients in making desired change. Drawing from her 16 years of clinical practice in which she has helped thousands of clients, she teaches not only practical tools but mindsets that will inspire you and your clients.

Be warned: If you struggle with your own weight, you may even find yourself enjoying personal benefits from attending this training!

Sunday 10-1:30 AM ET

For those living with / or working with others experiencing Chronic Pain, it is imperative that you “understand the enemy, if the enemy is to be defeated”. This well-paced class, informative and experiential, provides an in-depth exploration of the pain experience, with its many varied aspects. Participation in this class will enable you to effectively deal with pain clients more confidently in your successful professional future. This class is a pre-requisite for any pain management student, from beginning novice hypnotist or counselor to the experienced medical healthcare provider.

Sunday 2-5:30 PM ET

Stress and Anxiety are epidemic in our busy modern lifestyles. Anger and Depression are pervasive. Panic, guilt, shame, insecurity and all manner of negative emotions come and go … and lead people to seek our help. A practitioner’s understanding and skill with emotions can be the defining element in their professional success. Whether it be deep-seated long-standing issues, or occasional “nerves and worries”, we’ll give you tools to handle the whole range in yourself and in your clients. This class includes live demonstrations and easy exercises to help you integrate everything you learn and is supplemented by a comprehensive set of notes that you can use to put these skills to work right away.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Neuroplasticity and the “brain science” of emotions
  • The structure of emotions and building better ones.
  • The Myth of Emotional Release
  • How to work directly with emotions without the need to revisit the past
  • Numerous tips, tricks and techniques that you can use quickly and easily
  • The Secret of Emotional Choice



LOCATION: The comfort and privacy of your home! You can literally get an education wearing your slippers.
The ONLINE VIDEO FORMAT will make it possible to connect with members, friends, and presenters from around the world, to see one another FACE TO FACE, and even show you LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS.

Attend by phone (audio) or computer (video)
If you’re not at your PC or unable to join us on video, you can still attend by telephone, using the dial-in information below. (There are even international phone numbers available if you’re outside the US!)

(We will take a few minutes at the beginning of the call, to familiarize you with the online system so you can really enjoy the experience)

This meeting is open to anyone with an interest in hypnosis or in the topics presented … so tell your friends and join us.


CALL: 570-869-1021

Visa/MC/Amex/Disc accepted

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  • Log in information will be sent to all registered participants prior to the event.

Read what previous Galaxy of Stars attendees had to say:

“It was a pleasure to see everyone at the extraordinarily motivating and enlightening Galaxy of Stars Educational Symposium. What a compendium of wisdom!” -Clarice Carter, Rochester Hills, MI

"Empowering presentations by well qualified presenters. A weekend of renewal and energy. Valuable tools to incorporate in my presentations. Thanks!" –Ken Tweten, Las Vegas, NV

"This was an excellent networking & learning experience." – Brad Ridenour, Hilliard, OH

"What a spectacular event the Galaxy of Stars was! Thank you for providing a very professional learning experience with the most talented presenters. Their generosity with handouts along with insights, experience and information made this one of the most valuable workshops I have ever attended. I especially enjoyed the 4-hour segment to each presentation. My gratitude and appreciation goes out to all the made this event so pleasant and rewarding." – Kim Manning, Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Great value for the money. Excellent variety and quality of speakers." – Cathy Smith, Cleveland Heights, OH

"Super presenters - talented people! Thank you! Glad I decided to attend. Well worth it on all levels." –Joan Courtney, Lakeside, AZ

"Very empowering and motivating! Very enjoyable. I feel replenished with great new ideas, confidence and determination." – Hena Husain, West Bloomfield, MI

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