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In the 21st century, stress is an epidemic. It damages our health, our work, and our relationships. It destroys families, businesses, and lives. It costs corporations more than 300 billion dollars yearly in health costs, absenteeism, and poor performance. And one in three adults suffers from the effects of unmanaged stress. The need for qualified professional assistance has never been greater.

This training will prepare you to meet that need. More people are seeking therapy and medical treatment for stress-related issues than ever before, and companies and businesses are seeking help. This is an opportunity for you to develop expertise in this crucial field and open your practice to those who really need you. Make a real difference while you advance your career and distinguish yourself with this professional designation.

You will learn about stress, what it is, how to assess it, how to educate people about it, and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. We’ll teach you how to intervene in a crisis and strategies to manage chronic stress. You’ll learn to work with clients individually, with groups, or even with corporations. We’ll give you all the information and resources, over twenty techniques to use with clients and groups, and we’ll even include complete outlines and instructions that you can use to offer 1hr, 2hr, or full-day seminars of your own.

Tuition is only $495, including the Certified Stress Management Consultant (CSMS) Certification Fee.

Prerequisites include Education/Experience in any of the following:
- Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy
- Psychotherapy
- Neuro-linguistic Programming
- EFTWellness Coaching
- Spiritual Healing
Note: Substitutions are possible such as Corroborated Life Experience

If you are NOT an IACT or IMDHA member, you will also be awarded a prestigious "IACT Professional Membership" in addition to your Certification as a Stress Management Consultant.

Training Price $495.00