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Details About Stepfamily Success

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Product Description Statistics tell us that one in three Americans is a member of a stepfamily. Though rarely acknowledged in churches even today, millions of Christians struggle with the obstacles common in divorce and remarriage. A stepmother herself, Natalie Gillespie offers hope and healing to stepfamilies who are striving to achieve harmony in their households. This handbook addresses the many issues stepfamilies work through, including part-time parenting, discipline, issues with former spouses, and intimidating legal battles. With clear, readable prose and helpful suggestions, it will put any stepfamily on the road to wholeness. From the Back Cover One in three Americans is a member of a stepfamily. If that includes you, you know the challenges that come with combining households under one roof. This innovative book will show you how to achieve success in • helping children connect with stepparents and new siblings • keeping your marriage intact • braving the court system • agreeing on discipline styles • appreciating your stepfamily • and more A mom and stepmom of seven, Natalie Nichols Gillespie gives you and your stepfamily encouragement and practical advice to guide you through the journey. "This guide combines the power of empathy with a respectful approach to the complexities of stepfamily life."--Dr. Margorie Engel, president and CEO, Stepfamily Association of America "There is no road map for navigating a blended family, but Natalie Gillespie's insights are helpful, interesting, and encouraging."--Amy Grant, recording artist "Natalie weaves together personal experience, humor, and practical tools for surviving the stepfamily journey. You've picked up a gem."--Ron L. Deal, director, Successful Stepfamilies. 256 pages (New: paperback - slightly imperfect)

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