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Details About Regression Scripts for Professionals

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Amazingly powerful inductions and deepener scripts designed specifically for regression. •Quickly entrain the thought processes associated with memory and recall. •Each script reflects the author's thousands of hours of experience. •The essential book for the Regression Therapist. •Two superb Past Life Regression scripts are included. One of the biggest problems for the therapist using analytical techniques such as Regression to Cause or Hypnoanalysis is in finding inductions and deepeners which stimulate recall. The problem is that almost all inductions are designed to create a state of profound relaxation which will be compounded by an image-laden deepener - and this can so easily relax the client to the point where they are so unconcerned about their symptoms that they just don't work well in the session. The scripts in this book are all built with one purpose in mind: Get the client focussed on their memories and keen to talk about them! Terence's experience as an analytical therapist since 1989 brings you a collection of first-rate scripts which will focus the client on the source of their symptomatic pattern and enhance their recall processes. Each induction is a carefully crafted preparation of the psyche; each deepener is a powerful focussing device that is all-but impossible to resist. And if you are interested in Past Life Regression, there are two excellent scripts for that as well. Each script is brand new and prepared especially for this volume, though they are all based on the concepts and ideas that Terence has used in his office for many years. Contents: Lines of Time: This script echoes the patterns of life, where some people touch our own life just once, others somehow ‘criss-cross’ with us for many years, and yet others seem to run parallel with us for all time. Remote Focus: Here tensions are actually momentarily created in the shoulders, legs and torso, the very muscle groups that are activated when we feel anxiety or other stresses. In this way, it activates the neurological pathways that are responsible for survival, making recall of traumatic events more likely. Light Show: A display like the Aurora Borealis addresses remembering and forgetting and the problems associated with seeking to force a memory to the surface. It is particularly good for use with the anxious client who tends to try too hard to remember important events. Telephone Exchange: This one works with a gradual shift from relaxation of the body, through to the notion that time simply does not exist in the psyche. In this way, the idea that everything that was ever important is still there provides good preparation for a memory-focussed deepener. The Dinner Party: This is ideal for people who are carrying a lot of pain from suppressed or repressed memories and who believe that 'everybody else' is ok, especially if they feel cheated in some way. It addresses the fact that things seldom are exactly as they seem. Listening to Memories: The confusional element at the beginning of this is logically correct and will entrain the conscious thought processes for a while, making it ideal for the analytical thinker. It progresses to the notion that all memories and thoughts are important, preparing the way for the deepening process that will follow. Dreamland: This one is ideal for those individuals who have difficulty with recall, since it carries the suggestion that they might sometimes dismiss memories thinking that they are not real but part of a dream. This is a quite common situation where there has been abuse during the formative years. The Long Gallery: This seeks to access those elements of an individual’s life that have been unconsciously learnt from family members, even though they serve no purpose other than to cause conflict. It also works at strengthening the link between conscious and subconscious thought processes. Thought Fixer: Here, the way that thoughts are always connected to memories is addressed. It is a good induction for the 'lazy thinker' who needs to make more effort for themselves within the therapeutic process, since it stimulates the part of the mind responsible for recall. Virtual Calendar: This deepening routine works well for the logically-orientated client who tends to get 'stuck' and cannot seem to find anything worth recounting. It is biased towards analysis using Free Association but is easily adapted to work for Regression to Cause. Lucky Dip: Symbolism associated with all sorts of life events is carefully placed to trigger specific important recalls. It is biased towards Regression to Cause, though can easily be adapted for Free Association. Egg Basket: Specifically designed to be used with Hypnoanalysis using Free Association, this deepener seeks to inspire recall of various aspects of childhood. Although it can be used as a general analytical deepener, it is of particular use when seeking to release a repression. Sat Nav: Viewing the psyche as a map, this deepener encourages the client to use their built in 'Sat Nav' to find their back to the places where the source of the difficulties lie. We show them how to use psychological 'points of interest' to aid them on their journey back through time... Random Pages: Designed specifically for use with Hypnoanalysis and Free Association, this script focusses around the client discovering that the slightest of thoughts causes pages to slip out of the book of their life, then encourages them to generate as many random pages as they can by allowing their mind to drift aimlessly. Treasure Chest: Deep symbolism is used here to get the client's psyche further beneath the Conscious Critical Faculty and uses language patterns that are designed to trigger existent conflicts, along with the promise of great reward for finding the roots. Old Computer: This one specifically targets guilt and is a bit of a 'slow burner', seeming completely innocuous at first but then leading the psyche into a 'disarmed' state until it's too late to fight back! Locksmith: The title here is obvious; this deepener is designed to unlock memories in sequence, making it an ideal vehicle for Regression to Cause work. It builts to quite a profound sense of tension as it progresses. Thread Finder: Designed specifically for the situation where the client knows that there is an important memory 'down there' but somehow just cannot bring it forward to mind. Written with Free Association in mind, it might not be ideally suitable for Regression to Cause as it stands but can easily be adapted. Labyrinth of Time: The first of two specially-crafted scripts for Past Life Regression work, this uses powerful imagery and encourages a strong connection to the Chakra energy centres in the body, though these are not mentioned by name. It includes a 'safety device' for immediate use if the client encounters any distressing situation. Antiques Emporium: The second PLR script benefits towards the end from a good story-telling style. It moves gradually from a totally 'normal' scenario into a slightly surreal situation which the client is barely aware of, completely bypassing the incredulity factor. A safety 'get out' is included in the script. If you use any form of regression work, this book will swiftly become one of your favourite script collections! - Terence Watts

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