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IACT / IMDHA Proudly Presents
- The Virtual Hypno-event of the Year!

The Galaxy of the Stars ~ LIVE online!

Educational Symposium
A 2-day LIVE online symposium that you can attend in your slippers! The symposium highlights the hypnosis practitioners most requested topics: Smoking Cessation, Weight, Chronic Pain and Stress. Each quadrant is taught by seasoned educators who, collectively represent decades of experience in the profession! You’ll want to register early to reserve your place. ‘Virtually’ everyone will be there!

14 hours of essential hypnosis education for one low price!

2 Full Days!!! $129

Early Bird Discount $99 (before January 15th)   


February 8th & 9th, 2020

The stars shine brightly even in the daytime during the Galaxy of the Stars – Star Studded - Weekend!

Tracy Riley – Tracy obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Auburn University, while 4 months pregnant with her third child.  Six years later, she obtained her Master’s Degree from Florida State University.  In 2018 Tracy earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University. In 2009, Tracy started her private practice, which today has grown to become Jacksonville's most trusted mental health counseling practice, employing multiple mental health clinicians.  In addition to her business savvy, Tracy is a published author, and was the producer of The Relationship Round Up a call in Radio show, during 2013-2014.  She is certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy and uses hypnosis to bring about instant change in her patients.  Tracy also obtained a special certification through Colorado State University in Death and Grief Studies.

Ken Guzzo – Ken owns The Bay Area and Sacramento Non-Smoking Centers, and has helped nearly 9,000 people become smoke-free in a single two hour process, with a 95% success rate, and offers a lifetime guarantee.  He maintains an online 5 star success rate, and has been 100% referral for 8 years. As Founder of the North American Academy of Hypnosis, Ken has trained many of the world's leading hypnotists in several of his ground breaking procedures for change. The Guzzo Protocol, for example, combines hypnosis, NLP, and a proprietary neurological tapping process to create neuro-plasticity in the mind, literally re-writing problem pathways. Ken is a Member of the Board of Advisors to the International Hypnosis Federation, has received the (IHF) Award of Excellence in 2012 and 2016,

Sheila Granger - Sheila gained her certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the UK with the General Hypnotherapy Standards council eight years ago, and has already been recognized by The India Times as ‘Britain’s Leading Hypnotist’ and has appeared on National Television on BBC News. Sheila has trained over 2500 practitioners in nine countries. Most known for the Virtual Gastric Band programme - Sheila takes hypnosis into new areas. She has received much national and international attention in radio and periodicals that include but are not limited to Fox News, The Sun Newspaper, Melbourne Observer, Womans weekly magazine, and Fox News.

Wendi Friesen  -   As a flat broke single mother of two, with no resources, money, help or partners, Wendi created a transformation business for devoted followers who seek real change. Her work caught the attention of the media and she quickly became an authority on how to make rapid and massive change in your mind, body and spiritual life. As a result, Wendi’s  website grew to experience millions in sales in a short time, reaching the hearts and minds of people who understood how her sincerity and passion could transform their lives.


Tracy Riley
Saturday 10-1:30 AM ET

You have taken all of the hypnosis courses and learned the skills you need to help people make amazing changes in their lives. Now, how do the people in your area find out about you?

In order to be successful in this highly competitive world, it is essential to know how to get yourself known to your target audience. Learn the tools and tricks this hypnotherapist used to explode her private practice in less than six months to go from zero to 20 sessions a week, also while doubling her prices.

This course offers a wide variety of tools and techniques ranging from low cost to no cost that will fill your schedule with the right kind of person you need to have in your seat.

Some of your typical marketing ideas will be explored. You will also learn creative, new fun ways to get your name and face in front of those who want your services, even if they don’t know if yet.

Everything in this class has been done personally by Tracy. You will learn what worked, what didn’t work, and what could have been done differently.

The best thing you can do is the right thing and the second best thing you can do is the wrong thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing—this class will get you out of the mindset of doing nothing!

Ken Guzzo
Saturday 2-5:30 PM ET

The best marketing is when you need no marketing at all!  How do you structure your sessions to be so successful and impactful that your clients will refer friends, family and acquaintances to you for years to come?  In this 3 and half hour session, Ken will share the values, principles, and techniques that he practices to achieve and maintain a thriving hypnosis business.

Sheila Granger
Sunday 10-1:30 AM ET

There are so many avenues where we can help people with hypnosis!

This year alone I’ve been working increasingly with sales teams, sports professionals schools, and even the homeless in my community helping them increase their confidence by using hypnosis. Plus of course my regular office clients.

The issue is never really whether there are customers or opportunities, the issue is always whether we see and also seize the opportunity to help.

With a lot of hypnotherapists I meet, just like me, they want to help people, but they don’t necessarily see and seize the opportunities

I want to share all my golden nuggets with you, ways that you can:

  • Become a known in your local community
  • Build a full time practice that also gives back.

If you study most successful business owners, they all give back! I’m going to be sharing how to:

  • Uncover the main issues in your local community where you can make a difference with hypnosis.
  • How to get easily get the media interested in you
  • Delivering presentations that sell sessions
  • How the client sitting in front of you can generate you your next opportunity

PLUS! Just to help you with your own creativity, I’m throwing in ten professionally written press releases, valued at $2500 covering all aspects of your hypnosis practice, which you can easily adapt for your own purposes!

I’m hoping with the right “know how” we can all make a bigger difference, by reaching out to a lot more people in our communities, and make that ‘wow factor’ impact with hypnosis.

Wendy Friesen
Sunday 2-5:30 PM ET

For 25 years I have helped people get out of their worry and fear and feel focused and confident. I want you to experience this transformation in two ways. 

First- Your own wealth consciousness. Let's dig in and find out what holds you back, what sabotages your success, what shuts you down. Next- Create a strong state of certainty about your ability to create wealth, deserving wealth, living in a state of gratitude worthiness. 
And Then- Help your clients overcome their fears of poverty or fears of wealth and help them uncover their issues and beliefs about money. Create workshops in person or on video classes online. 

In this class you will learn all 8 elements of the Hypnosis and NLP processes that dig deep to stop the struggle for you and for your clients. I will give you all the elements to become a great facilitator for this work. Now, you do want to know if it works, right? I will tell you my story of how bleek and scary my life was when I became a Hypnotherapist in 1994. Everyone told me you can't make money in this business. And so I didn't! I struggled hard. 

And then, I said "No More!".  I looked deep into my issues and beliefs about money, worthiness, childhood beliefs and much more. My life exploded with opportunity and I was becoming unstoppable. I was brave. I reached out and created huge opportunities. 

What Happened? I went from being a broke, scared, single mom of two young kids, to creating a business that grew to $3.5 million a year. Seriously. I did not see that coming, and it was not the result of having a goal. It was a result of doing the work that we all do, with Hypnotherapy, NLP, and allowing myself to stop living from fear and stepping into that power. 

I am excited to meet you and show you every step of the plan, and how you can be an inspiring speaker on the subject. Maybe you will want to conduct workshops for corporate groups. Or maybe you want to hold small workshops for a few people. 

I am here for you! Let's make something powerful happen.



LOCATION: The comfort and privacy of your home! You can literally get an education wearing your slippers.
The ONLINE VIDEO FORMAT will make it possible to connect with members, friends, and presenters from around the world, to see one another FACE TO FACE, and even show you LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS.

Attend by phone (audio) or computer (video)
If you’re not at your PC or unable to join us on video, you can still attend by telephone, using the dial-in information below. (There are even international phone numbers available if you’re outside the US!)

(We will take a few minutes at the beginning of the call, to familiarize you with the online system so you can really enjoy the experience)

This meeting is open to anyone with an interest in hypnosis or in the topics presented … so tell your friends and join us.


CALL: 570-869-1021

Visa/MC/Amex/Disc accepted

  • Upon confirmation of online payment, an electronic receipt is populated via email.
  • Log in information will be sent to all registered participants prior to the event.

Read what previous Galaxy of Stars attendees had to say:

“ I was able to attend without commuting by car or plane, be in the comfort of my home office, eat my own prepared food and beverage, and receive applicable information for my business/service.” –Barbara Becker

“I really appreciate the convenience and cost effectiveness of the online workshops. I love the fact that we can watch it again and read the handouts.” –Kathy Kass

“Thank you for the continued devotion and commitment to high standards in hypnosis education.” -Suzy Day

“Overall there was enough useable information that I felt like I got enough out of it to justify the cost and would probably tune in again should you run another one next year dependent upon who was in the line up.” -Tom Mulryne

“This was an outstanding event. Great value and I would attend again! Presenters provided a wealth of information and specific protocol strategy and tips. Either one alone, would have been worth the whole price of admission.” –Joy Hoffman

“Thank you so much for hosting the Galaxy of Stars weekend! And thank you for making it a Zoom event. I would not be able to attend an in-person event because of my location, and I was very grateful to have this opportunity available to me! It will change the way I practice hypnotherapy!” - Fran Jenkins

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