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Details About Certified Master Trainer

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This training goes beyond the typical Hypnosis Train-the-Trainer programs offered by other organizations! In this “Total Hypnotic Immersion Experience” you will learn how to: Competently demonstrate and explain the “hypnotic setup”, all types of suggestibility testing, hypnotic inductions (including direct, indirect, disguised and instantaneous inductions), hypnotic challenges, therapeutic intervention, creative metaphor design and programming. Create an on-going personal “Flow State”. Effectively utilize high impact, accelerated training skills. Add creativity and excitement to your training. Empower and motivate your participants. Use humor to spice up your presentations. Interactively employ the latest audio/video presentation technology. Facilitate the variables in group dynamics. Effectively deal with difficult attendees. Conduct polished, interactive, professional hypnosis certification trainings. And much more!


Registration closes Friday (11/11/22) at 4:00 PM EST.
Price: $ 1795.00