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2006 IMDHA Conference Highlights Photo Gallery

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More networking

Wish you were here!

A fine looking group of professionals!

Alan Barsky - California, Debbie Papadakis - Canada and Michael Ellner - New York

Anne Spencer and Rayma Ditson Sommer

Christa Otto, Linda Otto and Anne Spencer (standing) Robert Otto (sitting) Michael Ellner (background)

Debbie Papadakis - Canada and Melissa Roth - Alabama

Debbie Papadakis and Anne Spencer (right)

Exhibit Area with Michael Ellner and Dan Cleary

Fr Marty Patton (right)

Friday Evening Networking

IMDHA Conference Staff

IMDHA School Owners

IMDHA School Owner's Meeting

In the lecture room of Melissa Roth

In the lecture room of Mervyn Bartholomew - South Africa

In the lecture room of Patti Conklin

James Duncan and Anne Spencer

Jenifer Adams - Louisiana, Jerome Beacham - Michigan and Jillian LaVelle - Florida

Jerome Beacham and Anne Spencer

Joyce Mattarella - IMDHA Office Manager

Joyce Mattarella - Michigan and Debbie Papadakis - Ontario, Canada

Linda Cox, Anne Spencer, Retha Martin and Clarice Carter

Linda Otto and Anne Spencer

Linda Otto and Anne Spencer 2

Melissa Roth in the Exhibit Area

Mervyn Bartholomew and friends

More Exhibits


Networking abounds during conference!

Patricia Sievert (Ohio) taking a time out


Retha Martin and Donna Bretz- Ohio

Robert and Linda Otto and Anne Spencer - the Transition of Leadership

Robert and Linda Otto with Anne Spencer

Strike a pose!

The Otto's with Anne Spencer and Jerome Beacham

Women in Hypnosis

Michael Ellner's brainchild - Women in Hypnosis