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Ethics Committee Procedure

We strive to achieve harmony, integrity, credibility and respect among practitioners. It is in the spirit of professionalism that the Association has enlisted the services of a third party for the purpose of dispute resolution.

The Ethics Committee is a volunteer body of experienced professionals appointed by the Association to review materials regarding disputes and to render an opinion of a complaint.

In the event a complaint is lobbied against a member in good standing, the following procedure is followed:

  • Complainant agrees to full disclosure with regard to the timeline, parties and events surrounding the complaint. No anonymous complaints will be considered.
  • If the complaint falls outside of the law, complainant is urged to contact the local authorities.
  • The Association will contact respective member concerning the complaint, wherein the member has fourteen (14) days in which to respond to the allegation.
  • Both complaint and response is forwarded to the Ethics Committee members.
  • Committee reviews all available information presented and subsequently makes a recommendation of appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Depending upon the seriousness of the complaint, the member may be dismissed or suspended from the association after completion of the ethics procedure.
  • The outcome is permanently recorded within the Association files.
  • The complainant and member will be informed of the outcome within 30 days of the Ethics Committee’s receipt of said complaint.

The Association has no legal power to administer disciplinary action outside the organization. We aim to do the best we can to arbitrate disputes within the organization for an amicable resolution. To file a formal complaint, please submit it in writing and address it to the Ethics Committee at