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  • Hypno Expo Virtual Conference F.A.Q.s

    Will it work on any computer?

    Will it work on all browsers?
    Yes, though old versions of chrome might be a little bit buggy. It’s always a good idea to keep your browser up-to-date.

    Do I need a high speed internet connection to watch?

    Can I watch on my smart phone?
    It is best to watch on a computer.

    Will it work on an ipad?

    Do I need to download or install any software to watch the stream?

    What do I get with the Virtual Conference?
    You get to watch the LIVE stream of all the lectures in Harbor B as they are happening (in real time), plus access to all available lecture handouts, plus you’ll also receive copies of all the MP3’s (audio) files.

    How will I know when the stream is live?
    The cameras are activated approximately 15 minutes before the first lecture begins. They will be turned off at lunch, and turned back on again 15 minutes prior to the start of the afternoon session – and then turned off at the end of the day. Cameras will be on and running in between each lecture session so people can observe just as if they are attending live.

    I’m in a different time zone. When do I watch?
    Streaming times are based on Eastern Standard Time.

    Can I view the streaming at a later time?  
    No. This is a LIVE stream and broadcasts ‘as it is happening’ in Eastern Daylight Time.

    Are any of the full day classes or workshops going to be streamed?
    Only the lectures in Harbor B are available for the Live Stream.

    How do I watch the Virtual Conference?
    A few days prior to the LIVE Stream, you will be sent an email with detailed instructions - including a link and login to access the LIVE Stream.

    When do I receive my MP3s?
    It takes approximately 30-45 days for the recording company to get the MP3s back to us. We will send them to you digitally as soon as they are available, to download and save to your computer.

    How do I ensure a good stream experience?
    We recommend closing all other applications and windows while viewing the stream.

    The stream keeps stopping or buffering. What should I do?
    We recommend clearing your browser’s cache prior to the start of the stream. Here is a good explanation for both PCs and Macs.'s-Cache

    I was watching the stream without trouble and it suddenly stopped. What should I do?
    Wait for a few moments, it may clear by itself. If it does not, or continues to stall, please try clearing your cache as described's-Cache

    If I have trouble with accessing the LIVE Stream, how do I get help?
    The LIVE Stream starts on Friday. We have office staff available (FRIDAY ONLY) to assist you (570-869-1021) from 9 AM – 5 PM EDT.  On Saturday and Sunday, you will need to use the email and/or phone number found on the streaming site login page.