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    The Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations.


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    Mission Statement


    The Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations (COPHO) was founded on September 23, 1989. It is comprised of hypnosis organizations throughout the United States, which represent in excess of 12,000 practicing hypnotists.


    To unify the profession of hypnosis by providing leadership and the promotion of standards for its practice.


    In order to fulfill our mandate, the Council sees as its mission....
    1. To unify the profession of hypnosis by uniting all hypnosis organizations
    2. To monitor and support or contest legislation in North America pertaining to the practice of hypnosis.
    3. To provide legislative information to its member organizations for dissemination to their members to promote and maintain the practice of hypnosis in accordance with rules, regulations, laws, and statutes of the respective states and provinces.
    4. To set professional educational and ethical standards for the practice of hypnosis.
    5. To continuously educate the public.