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    Introduction To Recommended Language

    In today’s world, the use of therapeutic words has become part of the everyday language. As a result, it has brought about a great deal of public confusion. Especially in the minds of the people who use them to interpret something other than the definition intended by the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Designed for hypnosis practitioners, it is advised that the Recommended Language be used in place of therapeutic words. While we are aware that many members are licensed medical and mental health professionals who use hypnotism as an adjunct, a majority practices hypnotism as a ‘stand alone’. For that practitioner, we advocate the use of the Association’s Recommend Language.

    The Association is clear that a hypnosis practitioner is a teacher, guide, coach, trainer and motivator that assist clients in resolving issues, overcoming challenges and attaining goals. The hypnosis practitioner assists clients with situational stress, altering habits such as smoking and weight management, increasing client motivation in employment, the workplace, and in sports activities, and enhancing creative, artistic and scholastic endeavors.

    Each hypnosis practitioner is dedicated to using hypnosis to motivate and embrace positive thoughts and beliefs and achieve personal goals such as positive change, self-empowerment, behavior modification, wellness, happiness, peak performance, success and harmony.

    The services provided do not include the practice of medicine, as a practitioner of hypnotism is not a licensed physician or mental health professional. These services are non-diagnostic, and are complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the State in which the practitioner works.

    It is the responsibility of each Certified Member to become familiar with and adhere to the procedures and laws of their State in which they conduct their practice. They can be proactive by taking responsibility for what a client understands their level of education to be and clearly defining, using proper terminology, that which is within their scope of practice and using the Association’s Disclosure of Hypnosis Services.

    The Association is working very hard to ensure that members continue to work within their chosen profession. Implementing the Recommended Language is a giant step in fostering alliance with medical and mental health care professionals and gaining public acceptance.

    Provided below is a list of Recommended Language. The Association encourages its use as a means of communication between the general public, the client and the hypnosis practitioner. It represents the Association’s opinion about the choice of language. It is the responsibility of the hypnosis practitioner to abide by the laws which govern their State or Province. This information is not to be considered legal advice, as only a licensed professional in the respective jurisdiction can do that.  

    Recommended Language

    • ACADEMIC Academic Enhancement, Academic Performance, Learning Enhancement, Learning Skills, Study Habits, Study Skills
    • ACHIEVEMENT Increased Performance, Maximizing Potential, Mindset for Success, Peak Performance, Personal Development, Personal Excellence, Personal Growth, Motivation, Time Management
    • AGING Symptoms of Menopause
    • ALCOHOL & DRUG Self–control over alcohol, Self-control over drugs
    • ANGER Anger Issues, Anger Management
    • ANXIOUSNESS Apprehension, Excessive Uneasiness, Fears, Worry
    • ART Artistic Attunement, Performing Arts, Artistic Enhancement
    • ATHLETICS Athletic Performance, Sports Enhancement, Sports Performance, Golf Improvement
    • BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION/HABIT ELIMINATION Behavior Issues, Behavioral Change, Excessive Behavior, Habit Shifting, Procrastination, Unwanted Habits, Nail Biting, Personal Growth
    • BUSINESS Business Enrichment, Career Change, Career Planning, Job Burnout
    • CHILDREN Working with Children, Teens, Young Adults
    • CLINICAL which includes research, and other uses of hypnosis by licensed health care providers, medical providers, licensed social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, using hypnosis
    • COACHING Business Coaching, Hope Coaching, Life Coaching, Life Plans, Life Purpose, Life Skills, Life Transitions, Work/Life Balance
    • CONFIDENCE Assertiveness, Ego Strengthening, Public Speaking, Salesmanship, Self-Confidence, Self-Acceptance, Self-Actualization, Self-Control, Self-Esteem, Self-Empowerment
    • CRISIS COPING Abuse, (Post War) Military Service Transition
    • DENTAL Dental/Surgical Support, Dry Mouth, Hypnoanesthesia, Hypnodontics, Teeth Grinding, Excessive Salivation
    • EMOTIONAL ISSUES Aging, Forgiveness, Grief, Guilt, Hypnotic Assisted Birthing, Sadness, Self Sabotage, Sleep, Inner Conflict Resolution, Smoking, Situational Stress, Weight
    • FINANCIAL ISSUES Debt Elimination, Financial Blockages, Prosperity, Self-Sabotage, Abundance
    • FORENSIC HYPNOSIS Forensic Applications of Hypnosis (not to be used in court proceedings unless specifically permitted in the State of your practice). Enhance or Clarify a Memory, Hypnotically Refreshed Recall
    • GENERAL HYPNOSIS Creating Positive Change, Limiting Beliefs, Group Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Guided Meditation, Self Hypnosis, Visualization
    • GOAL ACHIEVEMENT Goal Setting, Decision Making
    • GRIEF Bereavement, End of Life Care, Grief/Loss, Heartache, Hospice, Loss of Innocence, Loss of Love
    • HEALTH & HEALING Accelerated Healing, Allergy Alleviation, Better Health, Cancer Support, Catastrophic Illness Support, Chronic Illness, Comfort Control, Debilitating Conditions, General Health, Healing, Healing from Sexual Assault/Incest, Health Maintenance, Hope Coaching, Humor in Healing, Hypnoanesthesia, Imagery for the side effects of Cancer Treatment, Improved Health, Non-pharmacologic Surgical Analgesia, Optimal Health, Palliative Care, Post Operative Healing, Pre Surgery Preparation, Ringing in the ears, Mind/Body Wellness, Surgery Prep/Recovery, Wellness, Whole Health; Women’s Wellness
    • RELATIONSHIPS Compatibility, Intimacy/Sexual Health, Sexual Enhancement, Sexual Health, Loss of Love
    • MEDICAL/HEALTH SUPPORT Anxiousness, Comfort Control, Discomfort, Situational Stress
    • MEMORY & CONCENTRATION Concentration, Focus Training, Focused Attention, Improved Focus, Mental Training, Memory, Mind Fitness
    • PAIN RELIEF Comfort Control
    • PEAK PERFORMANCE/SELF IMPROVEMENT Academic Sports, Arts, Athletic, Achievement, Financial Issues, Memory & Concentration, Increase Motivation, Public Speaking
    • PHYSICAL CHALLENGES Working with Hearing Impaired, Limited Mobility
    • PREGNANCY ISSUES Childbirth, Enhanced Fertility, Hypnosis Assisted Birthing, Peaceful Pregnancy, Prenatal Wellbeing, Pre/Post Natal
    • SLEEP Peaceful Sleep Programming, Sleep Well, Sleeplessness
    • SMOKING Self-Control/Smoking/Tobacco Cessation, Tobacco
    • SPECIALIZED MODALITIES Coaching, Conversational Hypnosis,
    • Business Coaching, EFT, Forensic, Hope Coaching, Life Plan, Life Purpose, Life Skills, Life Transitions, NLP, Parts, Quantum Focusing, Regression, Work-Life Balance
    • SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS Spirituality
    • STAGE HYPNOSIS Stage Presentation, Hypnotic Entertainment
    • STRESS Situational Stress,Stress Relief, General Relaxation, Relaxation
    • WEIGHT Weight Management, Virtual Gastric Band, Weight Release, Appetite Suppression, Body Image, Body Reshaping, Exercise

    *A medical/mental health referral from a licensed medical professional may be required for certain conditions. Your client is the most important person in your hypnosis relationship. If there is any question about the efficacy of such a referral, then, in that event, obtain the referral so that the client is always protected. We, as hypnotists do not diagnose, do not offer a prognosis, do not treat, nor do we prescribe medications. It is the personal responsibility of every hypnotist to always be mindful of the best interests of the client.