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  • IMDHA Frequently Asked Questions

    I have training. How do I become a certified member?

    You can join by mail, email, fax or online. IMDHA's contact information is provided at the bottom of the site. Verification of educational training and government issued photo ID is required at time of application. Training must meet IMDHA's training criteria at time of application. Once Validation is completed, you will be required to complete our certification assessment .

    I am certified by another organization. Will IMDHA accept my certification?

    Many certifications, organizations and training facilities are recognized by IMDHA so long as the training meets with our current educational criteria. You can find certification requirements when making application on the IMDHA web site. When making application, please send the legal photo ID and as much training documentation as possible. IMDHA is a global organization being represented by members in 36 countries. Your application is welcome from anywhere in the world.

    I was an IMDHA member and let my membership lapse. How can I rejoin?

    A lapse of less than one (1) year requires proof of CEUs and annual renewal fee. A lapse of over two (2) years requires that you reapply and pay the initial fee. It's worthwhile mentioning that once you have an expired membership over two (2) years, all information is permanently removed from the Association’s system. If this should occur, you generally do not need to re-test, but you need to re-validate under the current training requirements.

    I'm already an IMDHA member. Can I renew my membership online?

    Yes. You may renew your membership after logging into your account page online .

    How do I know when my renewal is due?

    Your membership expiration date is located at the top of your account page. The system populates an automated email notice that goes out to all members prior to the membership lapsing.

    Paper renewals are sent in the first week of your anniversary month if you haven't renewed by that time.

    Note: It is your responsibility to keep your mailing address current to receive mail from the Association.

    How do I renew my membership?

    There are several ways to renew membership. You may print a renewal application once you are logged into your account page.

    Mail: 8852 SR 3001, Laceyville, PA 18623
    Fax: 570.869.1249 (we have a dedicated fax line available 24 hours a day).
    Phone: 570.869.1021 one of our friendly staff is happy to lend assistance over the phone.
    Online: Simply follow the steps below
    1. Log into your account page.
    2. Click on Renew Membership
    3 Follow prompts filling all fields
    4. Once payment is confirmed, print receipt

    Where can I find hypnosis training?

    You'll find a list of Approved Schools on this website. All are qualified to teach under the IMDHA banner. If you are interested in enrolling in a class hosted by an IMDHA approved school, feel free to check the listing and contact the instructor directly.

    Can you refer me to a Certified Practitioner in my area?

    You can find a Certified IMDHA member by selecting the Find A Practitioner page of the IMDHA web site. All certified members are listed by country, state/province and city. New listings are added regularly. If you do not find a certified member listed in your demographic locale, you may call or email our corporate office for additional information at 570-869-1021 or contact via email.

    How do I access the Virtual Library?

    Access to the Virtual Library is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply go to the IMDHA website and log into your account. Then click on Virtual Library at the top of the page.

    I need to change my address, phone number, or email address how can I do this?

    You can change any part of your personal information once logged into your account. When making changes please remember to select the update button at the bottom of the page to lock in the changes.

    I forgot my login information. How can I retrieve it?

    If you can't login, you can click the "Forgot Password" button and one will be created for you and sent to your email of record. Or you can contact the corporate office during normal business hours and one of our staff members can set a password for you. Usernames are not amendable but passwords can be changed at anytime on your account page.

    What are the CEU requirements and how do I obtain them?

    IMDHA requires 30 CEUs annually If the annual CEU requirement is not met, you may continue to maintain membership on an Associate level.

    How are CEUs calculated?

    CEUs accumulate very quickly and can be earned in so many ways. Some of the most popular methods used to obtain CEUs are to: 1) Attend our Annual Conference 2) Participate in IACT/IMDHA approved workshops and seminars, 3) Engage in Mind/Body/Spirit-related reading, 4) Watching Video Programs, 5) Listening to Audio Programs, 6) Viewing Educational Television Programs, 7) Joining/listening to our monthly Teleconferences, 8) Attending local Chapter meetings, etc all contributes to ongoing education. CEUs are granted on an hour-for-hour basis in all modalities relevant to Healing: Body/Mind/Spirit. CEUs are kept on file by our members. Should we ask for validation of such, it is the responsibility of the members to provide documentation.

    What is a Featured Listing and how do I get one?

    Membership materials for all certified members include a FREE Standard listing on the Association's website - displaying Name, Phone Number and Specialties (all populated from the online account). The listings are shown by Country, then by State/Province/Region and listed below the Featured listings in alphabetical order by City.

    Featured listings are $25/yr renewable with membership. You can select a Featured listing at any time and pro-rate the initial fee, to come due upon annual renewal. Featured listings are given 'listing preference' to standard listings alphabetically by City. All information is populated from a member's online account and includes Company/Business, Name, Address, Phone Number, Specialties, Bio, Link to your website, Goggle Map showing location, and Picture (optional). At times seeing the face of a proposed practitioner/therapist helps in the decision-making process of those seeking services and adds a welcoming touch to the listing. Contact the office for assistance to upgrade your listing.

    Do you have Courses, Books and Audio/Video products for sale?

    We have a complete line of professional products available through our Online Store. Many products are one-of-a-kind recordings. Having been recorded specifically through the Association, they are not available for purchase in any other market.

    How do I order from the online store?

    With our new website, you will have full access to our store by going to the website and clicking on the tab "Shop".

    Browse the various categories listed on the left hand side. Or - for a quick search, enter a specific topic or author in the search box. You can select from courses, workshops, trainings, books, CDs, DVDs, or mp3s (digital files). Many conference recordings can be purchased in both CD and mp3 format. If you find something of interest, double click the item for more information. And then if desired, select 'order' - which will put your selections in your shopping cart. Then, go to your shopping cart and finish entering your information to place the order. You can also call our office for personal assistance. We are happy to help with placing an order. Office hours are 9 AM - 5PM EST - Monday thru Friday.

    What are the legal requirements/restrictions in my State?

    Rules and regulations change - oftentimes without notice. We recommend contacting those in authority in your local municipality. We also recommend attending a Local IACT/IMDHA Chapter meeting for current information in your area. You can also post questions on the Mind Matters Forum to all other members for help.

    What is the Mind Matters Forum?

    MIND MATTERS was created for the exclusive use of the Association's membership. A new twist to the forum is that we're using ONE FORUM for both the IACT and IMDHA membership.

    An area for NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS from IACT and IMDHA to keep you posted about everything that’s happening in the organizations. Please be sure to read this area from time to time so you can be kept 'in the loop'.
    A CALENDAR that lists "official" IACT and IMDHA events. As we progress, this is where you might find information on local area Chapter Meetings. A FEATURED LESSONS area where you can enjoy learning from selected videos, audios, and articles of the highest value. These programs are selected for their immediate usefulness to practitioners in keeping with our "Mission of Mentorship"
    An OPEN FORUM for MEMBERS - of course this is the 'biggie' - it's the discussion area where YOU can initiate a question, post new topics or join in on the discussions that are already posted. You can post articles here, and even pictures, mp3s and Videos.
    ADVERTISING! You now have a SPECIAL AREA for MEMBERS ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS where you can post your own programs/announcements and let us all know what you're up to.
    HELP! Find the latest user's guide and information about how to use the site or how to get further assistance.

    How do I access the Mind Matters Forum?

    We have taken the liberty of registering our members as they renew their memberships. You would be given a username and password to access the forum so you don't need to go through the registration process. The link to the forum can be found on the home page of the website. If you want to register now, click on this link: and then click on Register. You will then enter a username and password and fill in the rest of the required fields. As the page instructs, you will be sent an email to complete the registration. When you go to the email follow the instructions should take you back to the forum page where now, you can click on Login so that you can participate in the conversations in the forum.

    You will find a USER GUIDE below the OPEN FORUM. The guide is a quick 'how to' reference to get you the answers you need so that you can have the best experience possible. We're sure you’ll find the new interface workable with lots of features and plenty of flexibility and 'elbow room' to help us GROW!

    Can I add my PhD or other degrees to my certificate and listing?

    The IMDHA is dedicated to providing the community with excellently trained Certified Practitioners. Because we thoroughly validate training upon inclusion into the IMDHA, our focus remains on approved training. It is the Association’s policy to endorse hypnosis training using either CH or CHt only. We strictly adhere to the policy and procedures in place without exception. In doing so, we uphold the integrity and standards of the Association. You are however, welcome to add additional educational degrees earned, to the bio section of a Featured profile.

    Our purpose shall remain focused on the certification of excellently trained hypnosis practitioners; paying careful attention to defining what it is we do as a profession and establishing the minimum requirements to do it.

    While we encourage educational programs furthering the knowledge, understanding, and application of hypnosis in complementary healthcare - unless approved by the Association for the purpose of certification, we shall refrain from recommending, commenting or endorsing any body of higher education regardless of their acceptance within academic, legislative and/or professional bodies.

    We encourage members holding advanced degrees from institutions that do not hold accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education to disclose to clients that the degree is alternative rather than academic. I am doing research/thesis/career report/newspaper/magazine article etc.

    Is IMDHA available for consult?

    Contact the IMDHA office at the number listed below. Please include all relevant information including your telephone number and email address. If you are a journalist: Please call to schedule an interview.

    International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association®
    8852 SR 3001
    Laceyville, PA 18623
    Phone: 570.869.1021
    Fax: 570.869.1249
    Contact via email