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  • Karin Schmidt
  • Umesh K Tiwari
  • Lauren Collette Hall
  • Margaret Arthur
  • Kweethai Neill
  • Jeffrey Richards
  • H.Larry Elman
  • Cynthia Locher
  • Jeannie Spencer
  • Simon Knight
  • Harvey Francis
  • Elizabeth  Dixon
  • Constance  Kenney
  • Sheila Lea Nielsen
  • Linda Bennett
  • Kathleen Boehm
  • Kelly Hall
  • Sandy O'Neal
  • Jacqueline Tousignant
  • Petra Hoffmann
  • William Barnhill
  • Yin Ping Lee
  • LeAnn Martin
  • Paulette Richard-O'Rourke
  • Christine Allyson
  • C. Roy Hunter
  • Jennifer Peterman
  • Art Emrich
  • Fiona Vitel
  • James Duncan
  • Corinne Ropp
  • Kelvin Tang Kwok Wing
  • Rachel Horton White
  • Cheryl Elman
  • William Moyer
  • Leonard Melamed
  • Claire Bramham
  • Sherry Gilbert
  • Claudia Klein
  • Roy Cantrell
  • Bina Bakshi
  • Karen Howard
  • Fernando Arias
  • Rifa Hodgson
  • Henriette Gezundhajt
  • Nicole Wackernagel
  • Sunil Prakash
  • Cheryl Angelique Iliadis
  • Lai Shan Ruby Ho
  • Sophia Suzette Day
  • Jyoti Manral
  • Michael Kivinen
  • Daniel Finney
  • Shana Rosenthal
  • Mark Babineaux
  • Linda Bos
  • Liana Foley
  • Anne  Spencer
  • Laura McGregor
  • John McGrail
  • Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas,
  • Elizabeth Lupacchino
  • Joseph Onesta
  • Shiu Hei Larry Ng
  • Peta Murphy
  • Milan Kavka
  • Rachel Koenigsberg
  • Walter Josef Ernst
  • Paul King Pong Yip
  • Ronald Queeney
  • Amaury Zapien
  • Linda Campbell
  • Shawn O'Regan
  • Abhishek Joshi
  • Lois Prinz
  • Funda Kahn
  • Colette Helene Smith
  • Colleen Hitchcock
  • Peter Williams
  • Lisa Mangoni
  • Richard  Guenette
  • Gretchen Hogg
  • Laura Amoroso
  • Wanda Buckner
  • Antonios Raftis
  • Steve Stork
  • Anita Pfisterer
  • Anne King
  • Jerry Ching Loong Tan
  • Tammy Danilovic
  • Roger Moore
  • Elisabeth Jensen
  • Chin-Yi Suzy Nie
  • Theresa Lai
  • Joney Poon
  • Dana Lee Durham
  • Jessica Hanson
  • Phebe-Jane Poole
  • Christi Nissen
  • Sandra Richardson
  • Stephanie Conkle
  • Jamie Reklau
  • Micheline Cameron
  • Christine Brain
  • Sonia Gupte
  • Carolyn Beauchamp
  • Erin Johnstone
  • Donna Tung Wong
  • Monica Geers Dahl
  • Elena Bien
  • Bernd Seibold
  • Ralph Allocco
  • Stuart Downing
  • Rhondda  Stewart
  • Lora Hanna
  • Amanda Garbade
  • Bruce Eimer
  • Leslie Ann Hunt
  • Zoilita Grant
  • Heather Gunn
  • Patricia Scott
  • Nora Knople
  • Saira Hansen
  • Sebastian Di Cesare
  • RoKaye Bahr
  • Yuvraj Kapadia
  • Kim Manning
  • Janine Nash
  • Irina Kurkina
  • Erin McPherson
  • Janet Cochrane
  • Max Kirsten
  • Sheryl Hill
  • Joanne Selinske
  • William Michael
  • Dory Balter
  • Janos Attila   Kun
  • Trudie JG Bartholomew
  • Christina  Dullack
  • Mary Vallei
  • Wade King
  • Vrisayda Boggess
  • Arthur Long
  • Jill Tannenbaum
  • Peter Blum
  • Marcia Davida Proctor
  • Michael Haber
  • Shawn Liburdi
  • Katherine Agranovich
  • Rhoda Kopy
  • Anny Slegten
  • Eva Clark
  • Ashley Lynn Caputo
  • Dennis Chong
  • Ann Marie Manamon
  • Tim Ringenberg
  • Jennifer Kathleen Chong
  • Carla Van Voorst
  • Teya Graves
  • Donald  Pelles
  • Jeanine Ferritor
  • Michael Watson
  • Lynne Nozicka
  • Michelle Skaletski-Boyd
  • Paula Robbins
  • Robbie Spier Miller
  • John Souglides
  • Gillian Clark
  • Gilbert Kwong-hing Wong
  • Sally Joslyn
  • Lorne Brown

Are you looking for a Certified Hypnotherapist? Your search is over!

The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® is the largest Hypnosis organization focusing on Hypnosis and Health Care.

You may search this section with confidence, knowing that each Certified member has been carefully evaluated to ensure their training has met with the high standards set forth by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association®.

Our members are required to graduate from an approved school of hypnotherapy, completing our minimum educational requirements, and earning 30 continuing hours each year to maintain membership. The members cross a broad rage of occupations and professions. They include and are not limited to: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, doctors, nurses, dentists as well as teachers, addictions counselors, priests, ministers and a vast variety of therapists.

All practitioners certified by IMDHA are bound by the IMDHA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Act. They are uniquely trained Hypnotherapy professionals, available to serve as your personal partner and coach, helping you to elicit the change you desire.

All IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapists (CH or CHt) are self-employed, independent contractors in private practice. Each Certified Hypnotherapist sets their own rates and schedules.

A listing on this web site is voluntary and by request. IMDHA provides this directory of Certified Hypnotherapists for the convenience of the public. The practitioners found listed by state or country represents a partial listing of IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapists worldwide.

New listings are added regularly. If you do not find an IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapist listed in your demographic locale, you may call or email our corporate office for additional information at 570-869-1021. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm eastern standard time.

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